Tousek central units

Always one step ahead

the advantages at a glance:

  • Clear text LC display and intuitive menus for more user comfort
  • Simplified commissioning for carefree operation
  • Intelligent monitoring for maximum security
  • Innumerable setting parameters for individual customer requirements
  • Integrated event counter as a reliable source of information

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The crucial difference

With tousek you are always up to date. Never before was putting into operation, installing and servicing so comfortable and safe. The heart of all our control units is the large and illuminated LC display with clear text menus. A quick glance is all you need to have a complete overview on all processes or changes. Thanks to the logical and understandable menu structure you can accurately and quickly adjust all the settings, even in case of more complex systems.

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With only a few steps to the goal

Usually, in conventional control units, you first have to set all parameters and then you can put the system into operation.
This is often a waste of time and it´s not always necessary. Therefore, with all our control units, you only need to set a few parameters and you can already put your opener into operation. In addition the control unit informs you during commissioning about connections and errors. This does not only save you time, but also a lot of stress.

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Safety comes first

To all tousek control units you can directly connect 8.2 kOhm safety sensing edges, separated for main and side safety closing edges. Extra costs due to additional electronic evaluation systems, which are necessary with conventional control units, are omitted.
Also the function of the photocell can be freely defined and adapted to your own needs. If a safety device gets triggered, this will be immediately shown on the display.This corresponds to maximum security.

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Room for the essentials

The requirements for a gate cannot be more different. Therefore the tousek control unit is able to regulate and adjust separately the functions of an automated gate. It doesn´t matter if it is about impulse mode, automatic mode, maximum power, partial opening or soft stop...There are no limits to the fulfillment of expectations for the tousek control units. This is what we call maximum operating comfort.

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Evaluate situations quickly and reliably

An integrated event counter memorizes up to 800 working cycles of the automation. You can easily and time-savingly recognize and trends and errors by reading the clear text messages shown on the display. A priceless advantage when it comes to evaluate situations.

Only more convenient, is the optional connection to the PC. You want to know why? Click here!

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